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ANDERSEN BALLÃO ADVOCACIA was founded in 1979, in the city of Curitiba, by lawyer Wilson José Andersen Ballão, shortly after graduating in Law from the Federal University of Paraná. The firm was created with the objective of providing high quality legal services, initially in the area of ​​International and Maritime Law, with individual and corporate clients, both national and foreign. In the mid-90s, the firm expanded its range of activities to meet the great demand arising from the high level of its services. Specialized departments were established for the main areas of law. Since then, the firm has consolidated itself as one of the most admired stalls in Paraná. Currently headquartered at Avenida Jaime Reis, in Curitiba, the firm maintains a team of specialized lawyers who are fluent in several languages. In addition to the experience of our professionals, the office has an efficient team of assistants and an excellent infrastructure, within the most demanding international standards.


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Av. Jaime Reis, 86 - CEP: 80510-010 phone +55 41 3221.7777 | fax +55 41 3223.2070

The main headquarters of Andersen Ballão Advocacia is located in a property in the traditional Alto de São Francisco district of Curitiba. In neoclassical style, the property started to house the office in 2003. There are 400 square meters dedicated to law, including 5 meeting rooms, facilities of the Executive, Corporate and Litigation and Arbitration Departments, as well as administrative facilities, the financial sector and the secretariat.

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Av. Jaime Reis, 62 - São Francisco, Curitiba - PR, Brazil

This property, which now houses several departments of Andersen Ballão Advocacia, dates back to 1976. The original project was elaborated by the renowned and late architect Julio Pechmann. Initially designed for a vocational school, it was also a famous nightclub, gym and dance school.

In 2015, architects Mariana Manzoni and Rafael Gonçalves, maintaining the pre-existing construction project, transformed the more than 1000m² into modern facilities for up to 95 jobs.

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One of the most admired law firms in Brazil

One of the most admired law firms in Brazil

2021 Ranking Análise Advocacia 500 attests the relevance of the cohesive and comprehensive work of the firm, which has already completed 42 years of success.

Tradition and innovation are joined in Andersen Ballão Advocacia (ABA), a 42-year-old firm which is once again among the most admired in Brazil, according to the Ranking Análise Advocacia 500 – Edition 2021. Proof of this is the inclusion of new professional of the team in the individual ranking of most admired lawyers and the permanence for several years of those lawyers who have been leaders in their fields for several years.

As in previous years, the firm received in 2021 nominations in different legal areas and economic sectors. In addition, three lawyers from the firm were mentioned in the individual ranking of the Analysis Advocacia 500 – Edition 2021: Edson Hauagge, Natália Zanelatto and Rafael Cruz are among the best in Brazil in their fields of expertise.

Rafael Cruz debuted in the survey as the 4th most admired in the national category of Technology, in addition to the 4th most admired in Paraná State. The lawyer accumulates knowledge on the legal needs of startups and is part of the specialist nucleus in LGPD projects, among other areas.

Natalia Zanelatto was cited in two national categories - Business Contracts and Finance, and 3rd place among the most admired in Paraná State. A member of ABA's Corporate Department, she provides consultancy to numerous companies in their areas of expertise.

In turn, Edson Hauagge maintains his presence in the yearbook as a highlight in the national labor area, appearing in 5th position in the Paraná State ranking.

The expertise of our veteran and younger professionals grows with the synergy of group work.
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The sum of efforts is a recipe for good results

The fact of having specialists in practically all areas of law allows the firm to offer a comprehensive service to its clients. And this also is demonstrated by its inclusion of the bank in the national ranking. In the categories of legal areas of the Analysis 500, ABA is mentioned in International Trade (2nd), Business Contracts (3rd) and Labor (5th) branches. In the ranking by Economic Sectors, ABA is among the most admired in Commerce (4th), Finance (5th) and Chemicals & Petrochemicals (3rd).
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German Recognition: Cross of the Order of Merit

German Recognition: Cross of the Order of Merit

It was with great joy that Wilson José Andersen Ballão, founding partner of ABA, received in his office the visit of the Deputy Consul General of Germany in São Paulo, Uwe Heye, at the end of April 2015. The Consul came to inform that the Federal Republic of Germany had chosen the lawyer to receive the Order of Merit Cross. It is an honor granted to German or foreign citizens who have contributed to the development of the German Republic in the socio-economic or intellectual fields. The award was officially presented at an event held in May of that year.

It is the first time that the Cross of the Order of Merit of the Federal Republic of Germany has been awarded to a Curitiba native, which left the ABA founder very honored. Dr. Ballão was a fellow of the German government, is a founding member of the German-Brazilian Society of Lawyers (based in Frankfurt), was Director of the Brazil-Germany Chamber of Commerce for nine years and, today, he serves as an adviser to the entity. Through his law firm, he has also been working to strengthen business relations between Brazil and Germany for over 35 years. “Everything I did was also in gratitude for what I already received from the German Government,” said Wilson José.

The current director of the Chamber and Honorary Consul of Germany in Curitiba, Andreas F. H. Hoffrichter, confirms that the lawyer's role in strengthening relations between the two countries has been significant. “Dr. Ballão contributed with the arrival of several companies of German origin to Curitiba, in addition to constantly working to strengthen business between the two countries”, declares the Director.
The official delivery of the honor took place at a ceremony held at the Concórdia Headquarters of Clube Curitibano and was attended by the Deputy Consul General of Germany in São Paulo, Uwe Heye, and authorities and personalities of the State of Paraná.
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Social responsibility

In addition to the commitment to providing high quality legal services, ANDERSEN BALLÃO ADVOCACIA also promotes various initiatives related to the area of ​​social responsibility and promotion of citizenship. ANDERSEN BALLÃO ADVOCACIA maintains several initiatives of a social nature, recognizing the importance of collaborating with all social actors in the search for a more just and solidary society. Such activities are coordinated by the Department of Cultural Affairs and the Third sector, and, in addition to assisting social assistance institutions to vulnerable groups through various support tools, ANDERSEN BALLÃO ADVOCACIA adopts practices of sustainable use of the physical resources it consumes, in addition to providing services to non-profit social and cultural entities and encourage such initiatives with customers.

Partner Institutions

Andersen Ballão Advocacia works to bring closer ties between foreign and Brazilian companies. This is possible thanks to a constant performance in the main Chambers of Commerce operating in Brazil, which promote the strengthening of relations between countries.